Bathroom Corner Cabinet

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Stunning Bathroom Corner Cabinet

For helping your bathroom storage solution, you should have the smart consideration regarding best Bathroom corner cabinet that looks decorative as well. Sometimes corners or angled spaces are wasted, although you can use this space. You can use a coat hanger to hang several towels. Bathroom corner cabinet allows hooking multiple towels in a small space. You can also get advantage on those corners with furniture floating tablets or tablets.

Bathroom corner cabinet is those placed on ground. These cabinets are also those that have support for counter. A corner cabinet in form of L is 34 1/2 inches (87.6 cm) high. Length of wall, also known as width is 36 inches (91.4 cm) on each side at an angle of 90 degrees. A feature of this type of unit is a rotating shelf for better storage.

A wall cabinet is mounted on wall above counter. Length of this kind of units differs depending on design. If bathroom corner cabinet unit has an L-shape, longer would be same as that of base unit or length of wall available. However, some units have a triangular design corner, which means that face is angled at 45 degrees. Length or width of this design is approximately 24 inches (61 cm) in both walls in a corner of 90 degrees.

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