Barn Door Track System

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Slidding Barn Door Track System

Today I want to talk specifically of barn door track system, a design that is not new, but that is going strong among the latest trends in interior decoration. Sliding doors are American-inspired, formerly put in barns and farms that still remain large, they were practical to open and close continuously. Do not you know? Well do not worry, all you have to know about the barn type doors you’ll find it in this post. Ah! And see preparing budget because after reading it, you’ll want one in your house insurance.

The model of original barn door track system, properly American, are the doors of rustic wood untreated, with wooden beams in horizontal or X-shaped, and often two metal horseshoes that cross horizontally.

Barn door track system guides and hardware to make the sliding door is a whole world. The most common is to have a rail “on the air” that is, the pulley system on which the sliding door is fully visible. But there are many more types, from rail box in which the fittings are not visible, to hardware pulleys visible or semi-shaped horseshoe. A range of possibilities that best American companies dominate, due to its tradition in the manufacture of these doors.

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