Affordable Childrens Dresser In Effortless Ways

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Girls Childrens Dresser

The most expensive on childrens dresser furniture shop floor cannot impress your children get all the special enjoyment. Moreover, a flea market find, sanded and painted to reflect your child’s interests and preferences of color, will add a touch of both custom and interest of their rooms. Children who are old enough can help make decisions on how to paint the dresser and participate.

A quick fix for convenient is to go for a colorful look. For a two-tone look, choose bright complementary colors (like purple and yellow) or use two shades of the same color, like pink and pink. Paint childrens dresser to the lighter shade and drawers of darker as they get more wear. For a dresser with multiple drawers, you can go for a rainbow effect; up to around the color wheel you have drawers – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Paint pens offer a more controlled approach to decorate childrens dresser painted, their use is similar to drawing with a marker. Use paint pens in contrasting colors to write the child’s name on the drawers; print the name of a drawer, paint the handwritten name on another and in block letters on third. Other ideas include painting numbers or letters of the alphabet. Paint pens are available in DIY stores and many paint stores.

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