Adding Foam Padding For Armless Sofa

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Italian Armless Sofa

Armless sofa looks so good and different coming with nice and modern sofa design as the place where you can sit down there and hold interesting gathering. You may get much use your couch. It is where he meets the family, where children climb and pet bedding, so it is not uncommon for parts of it look decidedly worn long before the sofa itself begins to break down. The shape of the arms helps determine the general line of the sofa, so that when the filling begins to be removed, a piece of high-end designer may look like a piece of second hand pretty quick. Simply adding new fill to the armless sofa, you can restore the original shape and breathe new life into the heart of your living room.


1. Examine the arms of your sofa to determine where the ends hide upholstery. Some arms have separate front panel filling to conceal the joint, while others have staples in the bottom side tab next to the cushions.

2. Discover arms to expose the top and interior on armless sofa. Use a thick flathead screwdriver to pry out the staples, or use a starter seams to remove the stitches.

3. Remove the existing fill. In most cases, it is attached with an adhesive peel and light and should be fairly clean, but sometimes is sewn at one end.

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4. Measured from the internal base of the arm, on the upper roll, to below the coil on the outside of the arm. Cut a piece of new fill to that extension.

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